a look at the music of Vangelis Papathanassiou


Not counting the long due official release of the 'Blade Runner' soundtrack in 1994 (which was originally composed in 1982), the release of Voices in 1995 marked Vangelis' first new work and solo album since three years. It is his fourth album released on the East West label, right after 'The City'(1990), '1492 Conquest of Paradise' (1992) and 'Blade Runner'(1994).

The title of the album is an obvious reference to the collaborative songs featured, 'Come to me' sung by Caroline Lavelle, 'Ask the Mountains' sung by Stina Nordenstam and 'Losing sleep (Still my heart)' sung by Paul Young.





1995 East West 0630-12786 Germany/Australia/Bulgaria/Brazil/Taiwan/Korea
1995 East West CD 12786 Canada
1995 East West WICD 5217 South Africa
1995 East West ACME-915 Japan
1996 Atlantic 82853 USA

1995 Voices I/Voices II/Voices III  East West 0630-12494 Germany
1995 VoicesI/VoicesII East West 0630-12495 Germany
1995 Ask the Mountains (Single version)/Slow Piece/Ask the Mountains (Extended Version) East West 0630-14109

Both the album and the singles have also been found as promo releases.

Recording Studio

Although the album does not mention where the music is recorded, considering the time it was most likely recorded in Vangelis' own studio in Athens.


bulletall the artists contributing to 'Voices' were also signed to East West at the time.
bulletBritish singer Paul Young is also known for his pop-hits during the eighties.
bulletStina Nordenstam and Caroline Lavelle have successfully reached a dedicated
audience with several solo albums.


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