Vangelis Paintings

a look at the music of Vangelis Papathanassiou


We all know Vangelis' talent as a composer. Until 2003 only few people were aware of his work as a painter. Not surprisingly, as until then Vangelis considered painting a private matter  On June 5th of 2003 however that all changed when an public exhibition of Vangelis' paintings opened at El Almudin in the city of Valencia, Spain. For the first time it is possible to observe Vangelis' paintings in person!

The exhibition showcases over 70 paintings, the images which are included in an exclusive catalog, a book which is only available at the exhibition itself. A selection of pages from that book can be viewed from the bottom part of this page. At the same desk selling the exhibition catalog, posters of the exhibition in both Spanish and English could be obtained at request.

Perhaps not surprisingly, Vangelis also composed special music to accompany the paintings during the exhibition. While studying the beautifully lighted paintings hanging on the wall the music can be heard in the background, softly flowing, seemingly repetitive, but not when carefully paid attention to. Unfortunately this music has not been released in any way and can only be heard when visiting the exhibition....

The exhibition at El Almudin in the end closed at October 12th 2003. Then the exhibition moved to Montevideo (Uruguay) from December 2003 to February 2004, on to Buenos Aires (Argentina) from March to April 2004, and finally to Brazil (Salvador de Bahia, Sao Paulo and Belo Horizonte) for the rest of the year.


Vangelis, Painter




Left and right:
two of my favorite paintings.







one of the few paintings that is actually hand-signed.


Exbition catalogue

Page 3
The Valencia exhibition at El Almudin

Page 4

Page 6
Preface José Luis Olivas

Page 8
Preface Rita Barberá Nolla

Page 10
Preface Manuel Tarancón i Fandos

Page 12
Preface Consuelo Císcar Casabán

Page 15
Vangelis, painter


Fernando Castro Flórez:
The feeling of closeness

Page 29
Page 30
Page 31
Page 32
Page 33
Page 34
Page 35
Page 36
Page 37

Dora Eliopoulou-Rogan:
The painting of Vangelis

Page 043
Page 044
Page 045


Page 046
Vangelis paints

Page 077

Page 143

Page 147

Page 178
Vangelis paints

Page 179
Vangelis paints

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