To The Unknown Man

a look at the music of Vangelis Papathanassiou

For the completist collector there are a couple of singles truly worth tracking down a copy of, and this is one of them! While the A-side contains
the original track of ‘To The Unknown Man’ as available in the 1977 ‘Spiral’ album, most prints of the single (except for the USA one) also have the otherwise not available and unique song named ‘To The Unknown Man Part 2’ on the B-side. Even though having the same name, this song is a beautiful original theme in a similar style as the famous ‘To The Unknown Man’ .

Side1: To The Unknown Man
Side2: To The Unknown Man Part 2

Composed, arranged, performed and produced by Vangelis.

1977 RCA PB5064 UK/France/West-Germany/Holland/Spain
1977 RCA PB13402 USA/Canada
1977 RCA 104095 Australia

Note that several prints of different countries have different pictures sleeves. Curiously, the German single comes in two different sleeves. There is also an American print of the single, but instead of the unique song it just contains the second half of the ‘To The Unknown Man’ original as heard on the album on the B-side.

Most copies of this single are relatively easy to find, except for any of the West-German prints which are a bit harder to find.

Recording Studio
This song is recorded in Nemo Studios, London.