The Forminx

a look at the music of Vangelis Papathanassiou

Ah, Say Yeah! Everybody now do the shake, The Forminx are in the house! Times must have been fun back then in the sixties :-) What started out as a school band quickly turned into the hottest garage act in those days in Athens, and the rest of Greece quickly followed.... Vangelis' first band 'The Forminx' scored hit after hit in 1964 and 1965 with songs like Jeronima Yanka and Jenka Beat, and with their performances reminiscent to those of the Beatles, attracted a new generation, who no doubt appreciated the international look of their local heroes...

The Forminx line up: Vangelis Papathanassiou on organ, Vassilis Bakopoulos on guitar, Sotiris Arnis on bass and Costas Skokos on drums. Tassos Papastamatis, who also made a short-lived solo career outside the band, joined in on occasion as the lead singer.


Tracklist and Credits

The Forminx released a total of 22 songs, 14 of which were published on the album 'The Forminx'. Most songs are composed by Vangelis Papathanassiou, some others by Nikos Mastorakis. Most lyrics were written by Nikos Mastorakis.




Released on Decca in Greece, between 1964 and 1965:

bulletAh! Say Yeah / Elephant Twist
bulletJeronimo Yanka / Dream In My Heart
bulletJenka Beat / A Hard Night's Day
bulletSay You Love Me / Somebody Sent Me Love
bulletSchool Is Over / Greek Holidays
bulletIl Peperone / A Precious White Rose
bulletOur Last September / And Maybe More

Released on Pan Vox in Greece in 1965

bulletMandjourana's Shake / Hello My Love, Salonika
bulletLove Without Love / Until The End

Outside of Greece:

bulletJenka Beat / Geronimo Yanka  Vocalion United Kingdom
bulletJeronimo Yanka / Dream In My Heart  London USA
bulletJeronimo Yanka / Dream In My Heart  Decca Y-7225 Australia

Most of these singles are pretty hard to find.

1978 It's Christmas Time Again / White Christmas / Jingle bells / The Sound Of Music  Seagull 3E LOK-82 Greece

1975 The Forminx  Pan Vox 16171 Greece

CD single
2007 Jeronimo Yanka / Dream In My Heart / Ah! Say Yeah / Elephant Twist  Music Box 0507 Greece
2007 Jenka Beat / A Hard Night’s Day / Somebody Sent Me Love / Say You Love Me Music Box 0508 Greece
2007 Love Without Love / Until The End / Hello, My Love Salonica / Mandjourana’s Shake Music Box 0509 Greece
2008 Our Last September / And Maybe More / School Is Over / Greek Holidays Music Box 0510 Greece
2009 Il Peperone / A Precious White Rose / It’s Christmas Time Again / White Christmas/ Jingle Bells Music Box 0511 Greece

1999 The Forminx  Pan Vox 16171 Greece

Fortunately the Greek CD is still in print, and available in Greek stores today.


Recording Studio
It is not clear where exactly these songs are recorded, but undoubtedly it must have been somewhere in Athens, Greece.





bulletApparently is was quite normal at the time for popular artists to perform in local movies. It is known that The Forminx have appeared in several Greek movies during the early sixties, one of which is 'Theodor And The gun'.
bulletIn 1965 Greek director Theo Angelopoulos started a film about the Forminx named 'Peripeteies Me Tous Forminx' ('The Forminx Story') or also known as 'Troubles'. Sadly this film was never finished due to production problems, but a number of songs were put online on the Radio Gold website with the following names: "Gipity-Ripity", "Gud-Bay", "I Found You Again", "Lonely Dove", "Party No.3", "Tail", "Train" and "Troubles".
bulletOf one song named "You're Kidding" the lyrics were published but as of yet it is not clear if the song was also performed or recorded...


For all the lyrics of these songs, go to Vangelis and The Forminx Lyrics