Suzanne Ciani

a look at the music of Vangelis Papathanassiou

Halfway the eighties Vangelis made several trips to the United States. While staying in New York in 1985, preparing an upcoming lawsuit with his lawyers, he shortly worked with Suzanne Ciani on her album 'The Velocity of Love', as it turned out a one time cooperation. Suzanne has made a name for herself in the world of electronic and new age music, with albums like 'Dream Suite' and the Pianissimo-series.


Tracklist and Credits

Tracklist as printed on the cd

Vangelis is credited for playing the synthesizer solo on the following songs:

bulletLay down beside me
bulletHistory of my heart



1986 RCA RCD1-7125 USA
1991 Private Music 1005-82085 USA
Seventh Wave SWP7003 USA
Seventh Wave 212009106 USA 

1986 RCA Red Label AML1-7125 USA

Recording Studio
The album is recorded at Ciani Studios, New York, USA.



The lawsuit referred to above is the case former friend Stavros Logaridis filed against Vangelis, claiming to be the composer of the melody of 'Chariots of Fire'.


Later in 1986 Vangelis staged a concert in Los Angeles, together with Jon Anderson, at the University of Los Angeles (UCLA)


In an interview with Wayne Eagling, who produced several ballets in London in the eighties for which Vangelis made the score, clearly remembers the way the score was made for his ballet ‘Beauty and the Beast’. As Vangelis was staying in the US at the time, Wayne heard the music played over extensive and expensive long-distance phone calls. The actual recordings would then later be sent over on tapes by courier.