a look at the music of Vangelis Papathanassiou


Vangelis is a very private man and as an artist, Vangelis has given few performances over the years. Obviously, this makes each and every of his appearances a special occasion!

1949 According to the sleeve text of 'Direct' , Vangelis gave his first public performance at the age of six in a local theatre, performing for about 2000 spectators.

1963 - 1970 Vangelis appears as a performer in several bands, like the Forminx, the Papathanassiou Set and Aphrodite's Child.

1973 Queen Elisabeth Hall (London, UK) May 27, as opening act for "The Tempest"

1974 Olympia (Paris, France) February 25

1976 Royal Albert Hall (London, UK) February 11

1979 Drury Lane Theatre (London, UK) April 28

1979 Cirque Royale (Brussels, Belgium) May 17

1979 Pavillon De Paris (Paris, France) June 19

1980 Royal Festival Hall (London, UK) April 12

1980 Sophia Antipolis (France) August 17

1986 Royal Hall UCLA (Los Angeles, USA) November 7

1987 Herod Atticus Theatre (Athens, Greece) September 25 and 27

1988 Olympic Flame Ceremony August 25

1989 Terme Di Caracalla (Rome, Italy) July 17

1990 Song For Athens (Olympic Stadium Athens, Greece) September 25

1991 Eureka, Event Of excellence (Rotterdam, The Netherlands) June 18

1991 Night Of Poetry / Antigone (Herod Atticus Theatre, Athens, Greece) October 3

1993 Elpida: Mythodia (Herod Atticus Theatre, Athens, Greece) July 13
1997 Openings Ceremony World Championship Athletics (Olympic Stadium, Athens, Greece) August 1

2001 Mythodea (Olympeion Temple Of Zeus, Athens, Greece) June 28
2011 Openings Ceremony Katara Amphitheater (Doha, Qatar)
December 11

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(recorded)  All of these performances are confirmed by either recordings or photos.