¿No Oyes Ladrar Los Perros?

a look at the music of Vangelis Papathanassiou

"No oyes ladrar los perros?" is the title of a French/Mexican film by director Francois Reichenbach. This one time collaboration between Vangelis and Francois Reichenbach in 1975 came in a time when Vangelis made some scores (most notable "Ace up my sleeve" in the same year) which would help him finish his own studio in London. A lot of sleeve variations exist for this album, a collector's dream :-)

Tracklist and Credits
Any album of this film does not come with a proper tracklist, all music is simply titled either "Entends-tu les chiens aboyer?", "Can you hear the dogs barking?" or "Ignacio". Credits are scarce too, obviously Vangelis is credited for composing, but that's about it...


1975 Vampir 21-500-14-2 France
1975 Barclay 80234 Canada
1975 BASF 21 29 852 3Y France
1975 Bellaphon BLPS 19242

1977 EGG 900.531 France
1977 Barclay  900.531 France
1977 EGG 90039 Canada
1977 EMI 3C 064-18294 Italy 
1979 EGG GP 700 Japan
1982 EGG/Barclay L25B1048 Japan

1983 CAM LCM 233451 Italy (2LP, together with La fête sauvage)
1987 LupSom 2LL2.001 Brazil (2LP, together with La fête sauvage)

CAM 13070-2 France
CAM CSE005 Italy
CAM 493 193-2 Italy
CAM EPC478 498-2 Spain
Barclay 813042-2 France/United States

1977 Ignacio part 1 / Ignacio part 2 EGG 620.521 France
1977 Entends-tu les chiens aboyer? part 1 / part 2 (white label promo) France

While it is not hard to find a CD of this album, some of these LP's are not easy to obtain anymore. The 7" single is quite rare!

Recording studio
I have always wondered where the music of this album was recorded. It isn't clear from any release of the album, and even while Vangelis was travelling between Paris and London at the time, I believe it is recorded somewhere in London. Nemo Studios was still being built at the time, but could this music have been recorded in Orange Studios, where Vangelis recorded with fellow Greeks Socrates and Mariangela back in 1975?