La Fête Sauvage

a look at the music of Vangelis Papathanassiou

"La fête sauvage" is a wildlife-film made by Frédéric Rossif in 1975. Then already Vangelis and Frédéric knew each other already from cooperations such as "L'apocalypse des animaux" (1971), "Georges Mathieu ou la fureur d'être" (1971) and "Georges Braque ou le temps différent" (1974).

Other wildlife documentary series and films by Frédéric Rossif that Vangelis provided a musical score for include "L'apocalypse des animaux" (1971),  "L'Opera sauvage" (1979) and "Sauvage et Beau" (1984).

The music for "La fête sauvage" must have been popular at the time, considering all the different releases this album is awarded. Fun for collectors to find all different sleeves!


Tracklist and Credits
Any album of "La fête sauvage" does not come with a proper tracklist, all music is simply titled  "La fête sauvage". Credits however are numerous:

Music composed, arranged and produced by Vangelis Papathanassiou, with

bulletD.A. Adams King Potato
bulletLofty Amao
bulletIdris Baba
bulletE.Lord Eric
bulletLartey Ottoo
bulletPaul Jeffery
bulletVana Veroutis

Sound engineer: Keith (Spencer) Allen.



1975 EMI/Pathe Marconi 2C066/14276 France
1975 Barclay 200.332 France
1975 CAM Y900.056 France
1975 CAM 6905 Canada
1976 CAM SAG 9096 Italy
1979 CAM SPL1-7175 Spain
1977 Polydor 2421100 Greece
1978 RCA PL-30036 West-Germany
1979 EGG GP 711 Japan

1983 CAM LCM 233451 Italy (2LP, together with Entends-tu les chiens aboyer?)
1987 LupSom 2LL2.001 Brazil (2LP, together with Entends-tu les chiens aboyer?)

CAM 13071-2 France
CAM CSE 067 Italy
CAM CSE 800-067 Italy
CAM 493 206-2 Italy
CAM 474493 Spain
Barclay 823 756-2 West-Germany/United States
Polydor 841 198-2 West-Germany

1975 Theme d'Amour / Generique EMI/Pathe Marconi France


While it is not hard to find a CD of this album, some of these LP's are not easy to obtain anymore. The 7" single is quite rare!


Recording studio
The music of this album is recorded in Nemo Studios, London during December 1975.