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Jon Anderson and Vangelis go a long way back. According to Jon he and Vangelis met in 1974 in Paris, when Jon decided to go and meet Vangelis at his place. Apart from his well known collaborations with Vangelis, Jon Anderson has pursued a successful solo career, but is mostly known with a larger audience as the singer of the band ‘Yes’. In 1985 Jon made an album dedicated to the spirit of Christmas, thus the title "3 Ships". Vangelis contributed to one song to the album, titled 'Easier said than done'.

Tracklist and Credits

bulletEasier said than done

Composed by Vangelis.
Lyrics by Jon Anderson.

Note that Vangelis does not play on this song.


1985 Elektra 83980 Argentina
1985 Elketra P-13594 Japan
1985 Elektra 960469-1 West-Germany / Italy / U.S.A.

Maxi single
1985 Easier said than done / Three ships / Oh holy night EKR 31 United Kingdom

1985 Easier said than done / 3 ships Elektra 969576-7 West-Germany / Italy
1985 Easier said than done / 3 ships EKR 31 United Kingdom
1985 Easier said than done / Day of days U.S.A.

1985 Elektra 32XD-886 Japan
1985 Elektra WMC5-568 Japan

The CD has only been released in Japan, and apparently in not large quantities, as it is now very very hard to find. If you are looking for a copy of the song, you best chance is with locating a the LP, which is still relatively easy.

Recording Studio
The entire album was recorded at Crystal Studios, Hollywood U.S.A.



The combination of Jon Anderson and Vangelis is better known under the name "Jon and Vangelis". It is using this name that their partnership produced a series of albums, Short Stories (1980), The friends of Mr. Cairo (1981), Private Collection (1983) and Page of Life (1991), as well as numerous singles. Jon and Vangelis are best known for their hit-singles "I hear you now" and "I'll find my way home" in the early eighties.


In 1986 Jon and Vangelis recorded a few try-outs which never evolved into a new album. The songs have appeared however on several Jon or Vangelis-related bootlegs. Curiously, some of these songs have later been 'covered' by Jon's group Yes !


Although denied by both artists, some people still believe to hear Vangelis' hand in Jon's first solo-album "Olias of Sunhillow" (1976). Personally I really don't believe that Vangelis actually plays on this album, especially since Jon thanks Vangelis for his "energy" in the liner notes of the album. Likely it was not more than that.


A similar argument as for "Olias of Sunhillow" is heard for Jon's demo-recording bootlegged under the name "The sky and his shadow", however there is absolutely no proof whatsoever that Vangelis is involved in that recording.


In 1994 Jon included re-recorded versions of four of his songs with Vangelis on the solo-album 'Change we must'. The songs included "State of Independence", the previously unreleased song "The Kiss", as well as two earlier compositions from 'Page of Life": "Candle song" and "Change we must".


It is rumored that Jon's effort in re-issuing the "Page of Life" album in 1998 did not involve Vangelis' approval, and has put a strain on their friendship....


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