I Nuovi Angeli

a look at the music of Vangelis Papathanassiou

Little is known about the Italian group with the name "I Nuovi Angeli", and even less is known about their collaboration with Vangelis in 1976. In fact it is not even absolutely sure that they have actually worked together on the recording of their single "Mamma Luna / Teresa la vispa". Then why this page do you ask ? Read on...



Tracklist and Credits


Mamma Luna (Roberto Vecchione / Spiros Metaxas)


Teresa la vispa (Querel/Paoluzzi/Canzi)




1976 Mamma Luna/Teresa la vispa  Polydor 2060 120 Italy

1998 Le piu belle canzoni de I Nuovi Angeli  Polydor 539 535 2 Italy




Recording studio
Both songs are most likely recorded at Nemo Studio in London, England, although the album nor the single contains no information about the subject. Recording engineer most likely was Keith Spencer-Allen, Vangelis' sound engineer at the time.

For the lyrics of "Mamma Luna" and "Teresa la vispa", go to Vangelis and I Nuovi Angeli lyrics

The best possible clue there is to support the rumour that Vangelis actually worked with I Nuovi Angeli is the fact that the song "Mamma Luna" is mentioned in a list once issued by Vangelis copyright company 'Spheric'. Another clue lies in the publisher's name of the song Mamma Luna. It's licensed to Jam Music, the same label that licences many other Vangelis compositions during the seventies. Will we ever know ? Probably not, but I strongly believe that this Italian group visited the Nemo studio to record their single, and they found a helping hand from Vangelis while recording!