Alpha Beta

a look at the music of Vangelis Papathanassiou

This odd one-time cooperation under the name Alpha Beta actually consists of a couple of otherwise familiar artists. First of all Vangelis, and he is credited for co-writing both "Astral Abuse" and "Who Killed?". Then there's Greek singer Vilma Lado, who reportedly was Vangelis' girlfriend at the time. Back in 1967 she made her own single, also composed by Vangelis. Third is guitarist Argyris 'Silver' Koulouris, who worked with Vangelis on Aphrodite's Child album "666", and later on several other occasions. Last but not least is Giorgio Gomelski, also known for his dealings with the recording and releasing of both "The Dragon" and "Hypothesis" albums. Why these strange songs were actually released as a single back then in 1971 we will never know, but we're glad they did !


Tracklist and credits

Side1  Astral Abuse (Vilma/Papathanassiou/Koulouris)

Side2  Who Killed ? (Papathanassiou/Gomelski)


1971 'Astral Abuse / Who Killed ?' BYG Records 129032

Recording studio
Although not confirmed in any way, but  considering the time and participating artists, it is most likely that this record was recorded in Europa Sonor Studio in Paris, where also Aphrodite's Child album "666" was recorded.


bulletGiorgio Gomelsky produced the recordings for both "Hypothesis" and "The Dragon", 
but claims never to have been involved in getting them released. Read more about 
Giorgio Gomelski
and his experiences while working with Vangelis at the Elsewhere 
bulletArghyris Koulouris is mostly known as the "fourth" member of Aphrodite's Child, who only made it
just in time to France to work on their last album "666". After that he also contributed to this single,
Vangelis' albums "The Dragon" (1971), "Earth" (1973) and "See you later" (1980), as well as
Demis Roussos' album "Reflection" in 1984...
bulletRead more about the album "666" and Argyris Koulouris at the Vangelis Lyrics website.