a look at the music of Vangelis Papathanassiou

With "Alexander" Vangelis finally returns to the silver screen, after a break of almost eight years composing music for films. In contrast with his previous scored movie "Kavafis" (1996) "Alexander" is a high-budgeted international movie, made for a global audience. Directed by the always controversial Oliver Stone and with Hollywood-stars such as Colin Farrell (Alexander), Angelina Jolie (Alexander's mother Olympias), Val Kilmer (Alexander's father Philip), Anthony Hopkins (Alexander's trusted general Ptolemy), Jared Leto (Alexander's lifelong friend Hephaistion) and Rosario Dawson (his Persian wife Roxane) the film is an epic movie about the life of the legendary Greek conqueror-hero Alexander the Great.

In a press-release Vangelis states: "I've always admired Oliver's films, and, of course, Alexander the Great is a story that's a natural part of my heritage. So, to be composing for this film, with Oliver Stone directing, makes it an especially exciting experience for me."

The official soundtrack album with Vangelis' score is released on the Sony Classical label. Release dates are November 8th (Europe) and November 9th (USA) 2004. The album is presented on an official website which features a 4,5 minute interview video with Vangelis, as well as a 4-minute clip from the score named "Titans".

The track "Roxane's Veil" performed together with violinist Vanessa-Mae appears also her album "Choreography".


The international album release contains a total of 18 tracks, summing up to 56:23 in length. Note that both the US Borders exclusive and German Limited edition contain the same bonus track (3:52), titled "Bizarre Bazaar" on the first and "Bizarre Bazar" on the second.

as printed in the cd-booklet

All music composed, arranged, produced and performed by Vangelis.
Assistant producer: Frederick Rousseau.

Music production consultant: Chantal Feghali. Orchestrations by Nic Raine. Mixed by Philippe Colonna. Electronic instruments programmer: Vangelis Saitis.

"Roxane's Veil" featuring Vanessa-Mae, violin. Vocals by Konstantinos Paliatsaras, Irina Valentinova-Karpouchina and the Epirus Polyphonic Ensemble. Harp by Maria Bildea. Duduk by Vahan Galstian.



2004 Sony Classical SK 92942 International release / Taiwan / South Korea
2004 Sony Classical SK 92942 France (different front sleeve artwork)
2005 Sony Classical SK 92942 Japan(different front sleeve artwork)
2004 Sony Classical SK 93610 USA (Borders exclusive release)
2004 Sony Classical SK 93610 Germany (Limited edition release)
2004 Warner Bros "For your consideration" promotional cd (alternate tracklist)

Note that in the US several promotional cdr's have appareared with the regular tracklist.

Recording Studios

The orchestral score and choir are recorded at the Studio Guillaume Tell in Paris, France. Vangelis' music undoubtedly is recorded somewhere in Athens.

Around the release of the album numerous reviews have been published online, most positive about Vangelis' first filmscore in eight years! Read on...

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