Ainsi Soit-Il

a look at the music of Vangelis Papathanassiou

To support his success of 'Mourir Aupres De Mon Amour' in France, Demis Roussos recorded additional songs in French, and released the album 'Ainsi soit-il' The production of the album was done by Vangelis' brother Niko. This record is a compilation of some songs recorded for 'Magic', but with added French lyrics, as well as some new French songs.

Tracklist and Credits
On this album Vangelis is credited for arranging, composing and/or producing of four songs. Apparently these songs were recorded for the 'Magic' album, but later put together with French lyrics. (Les nuits d'Emilyne, Margarita and Mourir aupres de mon amour). More curiously, there is one song produced by  Vangelis that can not be found anywhere else: 'My emotion' (on some sleeves also indicated as 'Emotions').

tracklist and credits



1977 Philips 9101157 France / Canada
1977 Philips 9120242 Holland / India / Australia
1978 Impact 824072 France (Programme Plus)


1977 Mourir Aupres De Mon Amour / I Dig You  (Because) Philips 6042262 France / Canada


Recording Studio
The recording sessions for 'Magic' were held in Nemo Studio, London, England. There are no credits for the recording studio on this album, but the other French songs were most likely recorded in Studio Davout, in Paris, France.



bulletIn 1977, at the height of his solo-career, Greek singer Demis Roussos, reunited with Vangelis to work in his album 'Magic'. Together with Lucas Sideras (and also shortly Argyris Koulouris) Demis and Vangelis had formed the successful group Aphrodite's Child, back in 1968. For 'Magic' Demis and Vangelis joined forces again, and for Demis it was the start of singing in several languages.
bulletVangelis and Demis would later work together on several occasions. After 
Vangelis' success with the score of 'Chariots of Fire' in 1981, Demis offered his 
voice for an oriental chant called 'Tales of the future' on the next one, 'Blade Runner'.
bulletShortly after, in 1982, Vangelis contributed on a few songs on the album 'Demis'.
bulletFinally, in 1984, Vangelis produced and arranged Demis' album 'Reflection'.

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