a look at the music of Vangelis Papathanassiou


Movements aims to provide more information on the life and work of Vangelis Papathanassiou. Apart from a comprehensive list of many known musical creations of this Greek composer, this site gives detailed information about the more rare and hard to find music, including reviews and a workography. More information will be added through the year as soon as it becomes available, so be sure to return for updates regularly!

The name "Movements" can be linked to Vangelis through albums such as "Soil Festivities", "Mask", "El Greco" and "Mythodea", where the song titles have been conveniently named Movement, and then numbered. The reason for this practice is simple: without specific song titles Vangelis allows the listeners create their own images along with the music. At the same time, Movements refers to all the different musical creations of Vangelis...

This site is created and maintained by Robert Eichelsheim. Please if you find bugs report them to me. All reviews available on this site are written by Ivar de Vries.

Thanks to 

bulletIvar, Dennis, Sufian, Henk, Antas, Roland, John, Don, Bas, Jussi, Nick and Peter for their help and support and providing several of the images on this site, 
bulletHenk for providing background information on "Fais que ton rÍve soit plus long que la nuit",
bulletSufian for providing background information on Peter Marsh,
bulletDon for his extensive research into Vangelis' discography,
bulletall collectors for their lists that help build the Musigraphy,and finally
bulletVangelis for inspiration!