a look at the music of Vangelis Papathanassiou


Year(s) Description Remarks
1990 The City Album
  with Maria Farantouri - 17 songs Album
  ET1 TV interview
  Greek animated film to promote Athens for the 1996 Olympic Games Film score
  Les Sentinelles Oubliées (a Frederic Rossif documentary) Soundtrack
  Vanity Fair Compratore d'Anime commercial (directed by Roman Polanski) with original music Commercial
1991 with Jon Anderson - Page Of Life Album
  with Jon Anderson - Wisdom Chain (includes "Sing With Your Eyes") Single
  Jacques Cousteau documentaries Soundtrack
* Arab Unreleased album
* Ifigeneia Play
1992 1492 - Conquest Of Paradise Soundtrack
  Conquest Of Paradise (including Line Open and Landscape) Single
  The Plague (a Luis Penzo film) Soundtrack
  Bitter Moon (a Roman Polanski film) Soundtrack
  Rio Summit (a Jacques Cousteau short film of 13 minutes for the Rio Summit) Soundtrack
  Sous Haute Surveillance (produced by Patrick Hesters) Play
  Medea (Euripides) Play
  Musique Au Coeur De Vangelis TV interview
  Citroen Xantia commercial (directed by Ridley Scott) with new arrangement of "Chariots of Fire" Commercial
1993 with Neuronium - In London Single
1994 Blade Runner Album
  Empress Theodora Play
1995 Voices Album
  Foros Timis Ston Greco (limited edition of 3000 copies) Album
1996 Oceanic Album
  Portraits Album
  with Stina Nordenstam - Ask The Mountains Single
  with Neuronium - A Separate Affair Single
  Kavafis (a Yannis Smaragdis film) Soundtrack
1997 with Montserrat Caballe - Friends For Life Album
1998 El Greco Album
  with Jon Anderson - Page Of Life (USA-release) Album
  with Montserrat Caballe - With all my heart Album
  Stegios Tegos - Microneurosurgery With Video Tapes Score
1999 Reprise 1990-1999 (including themes from The Plague and Bitter Moon) Album

* unconfirmed