a look at the music of Vangelis Papathanassiou


Year(s) Description Remarks
1970 Sex Power Film score
  with Aphrodite's Child - Spring, Summer, Winter And Fall / Air Single
  with Paul Labbey - Mon Bel Ange Blond / Ma Romance Single
  with Raymond Lefevre - Stephanie Composition
  Cantique Des Créatures (a Frédéric Rossif documentary, as well as a Francois Billetdoux radioplay) Film score
1971 L'Apocalypse Des Animaux (a Frédéric Rossif wildlife documentary series in 6 episodes) Film score
  The Dragon Album
  Hypothesis Album
  with Inter-Groupie Psychotherapeutic Elastic Band - Floating / Coloured Butterfly Single
  with Alpha Beta - Astral Abuse / Who Killed? Single
  Ne m'Attendez Pas Ce Soir (a play by Francois Billetdoux with Irene Papas) performed at the Theatre National de L'Odeon (Paris) from October 20th Theatre play
  Georges Mathieu Ou La Fureur D'Etre (a Frédéric Rossif documentary) Film score
1972 Fais Que Ton Rêve Soit Plus Long Que La Nuit Album
  with Aphrodite's Child - 666 Album
  with Laurie Langenbach Unreleased
  Au Pays Des Visages (a Frédéric Rossif documentary) Film score
  Discorama TV interview
  Les Veuves (a play by Francois Billetdoux) performed at the Festival of Vaison-La Romaine on July 18th Theatre play
1973 Earth Album
  with Melina Mercouri - Si Melina...M'Etait Contee Album
  with Helen Banks - Do You Know / Hazy Day Single
  with Humanity - Bird Of Love / The Pawn Single
  with The Yumas - Happiness / Tapata Single
  Amore (a Henry Chapier film) Film score
  Salut Jerusalem (a Henry Chapier documentary) Film score
** Verve, Hommage A Teriade (related to an art exhibition in the Grand Palais in Paris, May to September) Film score
  Sparagmos (La Passion d'Asterios) by Margarita Liberaki. Performed during the festival of Avignon from August 1st Theatre play
  Chamade No.4 (music for Guerlain perfumes) "Jeune Fille En Fleurs" Commercial
** Friends / The River / Sunday In Central Park / The Witches Are Out (lyrics by Richelle Dassin) Composition
** Passer by (composed by Robert Fitoussi, lyrics by Richelle Dassin) Arrangement?
** Female (La la la) Composition
  Histoires d'Animaux (a Frédéric Rossif documentary series in 24 episodes) Film score
1974 as Odyssey - Who / Sad Face Single
  with Claudio Baglioni - E Tu Album
  with Little Sammy Gaha - J'ai Envie De Toi / Cuckoo Single
  with François Wertheimer - Pour Un Peu Mieux Que D'Habitude / Saturne Single
  with Dimitri - Pretty One / Rolly Miss Rolly and Sing All You Can / The Land Singles
  with Richard Anthony - Qui T'a Fait Ca Composition
  Georges Braque Ou Le Temp Different (a Frédéric Rossif documentary) Film score
  Animaux Couleurs (a Frédéric Rossif documentary series in 13 episodes) Film score
1975 Heaven And Hell Album
  Ace Up My Sleeve Film score
  ¿No Oyes Ladrar Los Perros? (Entend-tu les chiens aboyer?, a Francois Reichenbach film) Film score
  with Mariangela - Mariangela Album
  La Mer Cette Aventure (episode "Semaine De Cowes") a Frédéric Rossif documentary series Film score
** Amerigo Vespucci / Blue Planet / Byzantine Blues / Two By Two (lyrics by Richelle Dassin) Composition
** Command One / Command Two Composition
** Haricot Composition
1976 Albedo 0.39 Album
  La Fête Sauvage (a Frédéric Rossif wildlife film) Film score
  with Socrates - Phos Album
  with Riccardo Cocciante - Concerto Per Margherita Album
  with Patty Pravo - Tanto Album
  with Chrisma - Amore / Sweet Baby Sue Single
  Raz De Marée (a play by Pierre Pabrice). Performed at the Théâtre de la Cité Internationale in Paris on October 5th. Theatre play
* with Rick van der Linden - Triofonie Album
1977 Spiral Album
  Ignacio (soundtrack of ¿No Oyes Ladrar Los Perros?) Film score
  To The Unknown Man / To The Unknown Man (part 2) Single
  with Demis Roussos - Magic Album
  with Demis Roussos - Ainsi soit-il Album
  with Panda - Notturno / Dimenticare Single
* with Chrisma - Chinese Restaurant Album
* with Chrisma - U part I / U part II Single
** with I  Nuovi Angeli - Mamma Luna / Teresa La Vispa Single
** Livre De Poche (music for a commercial by Télé-Hachette) Commercial
1978 Beaubourg Album
  as Mama O. - Red Square / When The Cat's Away Single
  Heureux Comme Le Regard En France (a Frédéric Rossif documentary) Film score
1979 China Album
  The Long March / The Long March (part II) Single
  L'Opera Sauvage (a Frédéric Rossif documentary series in 21 episodes) Film score
  with Irene Papas - Odes Album
* with Chrisma - Hibernation Album
  Chanel No.5 commercial "Share The Fantasy" (directed by Ridley Scott) with "Little Fete" from China Commercial
  Fiat Strada commercial "Handbuilt By Robots" (directed by Hugh Hudson) with an arrangement of Rossini's Figaro Commercial
  with Georgia Zoi - Gianni Mou To Mantili Sou Arrangement

* unconfirmed   ** confirmed, but only by the Spheric-list.