a look at the music of Vangelis Papathanassiou


Year(s) Description Remarks
1962 with The Forminx - Theodor And The Gun Film song
1963 with The Forminx - My Brother The Traffic Policeman Film score
1964 First public performance in radio special "H Messimvrini kai ta astra" playing the vibraphone in a rendition of "L'Ecole est Finie" Performance
1964 - 1965 with George Theodossiadis Album
1965 - 1966 with The Forminx Singles & Album
1966 with Zoitsa (Zoe) Kouroukli - Oldies But Goodies / Oldies But Goodies (instrumental) / One Day, In Zappion Single
  5000 Lies Film score
  with The Minis - And I Love Her / Girl Single
  with Maria - Caro Professore /  Il Mondo Lo Sa Single
1967 with Aleka Kanellidou - The More I See You / Stranger Single
  with Ricardo Credi - Siga Siga / Non Et Non Single
  with Zoitsa (Zoe) Kouroukli - Ciao, Amore Ciao / Non Pensare A Me Single
  with Vilma Lado  - Une Etoile / Le Vent Single
  with Tammy - It Tears Me Up / Heart Of A Child Single
  with Kostas Karydas - Io Per Amore / La Musica E Finita (uncredited) Greece Pan-Vox PAN 6076 Single
  with Kostas Karydas - Notte Di Ferragosto / Se Fra Noi Qualcosa Cambiera (uncredited) Greece Pan-Vox PAN 6068 Single
1968 with George Romanos - In Concert And In The Studio Album
  Our Love Sleeps On The Waters / The Clock Single
  Frenzy Film score
  Apollo Goes On Holiday (a.k.a. Operation Apollo) Film score
  with Aphrodite's Child - Plastics Nevermore / The Other People Single
  with Aphrodite's Child - End Of The World Album
1969 with Aphrodite's Child - I Want To Live / Magic Mirror Single
  with Aphrodite's Child - Lontano Dagli Occhi / Quando l'Amore Diventa Poesia Single
  with Aphrodite's Child - One Eyed Wilson, Socrates In Texas, Try To See Unreleased
  with Aphrodite's Child - Chakachak Composition
  with Aphrodite's Child - It's Five O'Clock Album
  with Tasso(s) Papastamatis - Rosetta / Days Of love Single
  with Vana Verouti - Ed Ora Si / Tu C'Eri Gia Single

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