a look at the music of Vangelis Papathanassiou


Year(s) Description Remarks
2020 NASA video "Shallow Lightning On Jupiter" Composition
  NASA video "Flight Over Jupiter" Composition
  Chasing Planets For 60 Years (Stamatis Krimigis) Score
2021 NASA video "Juno Discovers Mars's Dust Storms Fill Solar System" Composition
  Hopes photobook by Yannick Monget (unreleased music) Composition
  NASA video "Juno Flies Past The Moon Ganymede And Jupiter" Composition
  Juno To Jupiter Album
2021 Nuclear Now (a documentary by Oliver Stone) Score
2022 We Are Stardust - tribute to the music and universe of Vangelis (directed by Dionysis Simopoulos) for the Eugenides Planetarium in Athens Score