2010 to 2019

a look at the music of Vangelis Papathanassiou


Year(s) Description Remarks
2010 with Julian Rachlin - Elegy / Dialogue Composition
  Lonesome and Aboriginal Dreaming (short films produced by Rutger Hauer) Film score
  Artists For Sea Shepherd - Stop Killing Whales (short film produced by Rutger Hauer) Film score
2011 Rupture: A Matter Of Life OR Death (documentary) produced by Hugh Hudson Film score
  Opening Ceremony Katara Amphitheater (Doha, Qatar) December 11th Performance
2012 Chariots Of Fire on stage (London, UK) May to November Play
  Trashed (documentary) produced by Candida Brady Film score
  The Collection Album
  Private Passions radio interview August 5th Interview
2013 Beauty And The Beast (Moscow, Russia) expanded and re-arranged score of the original 1986 play Play
  Light & Shadow Album
  Sound Of Cinema (BBC4 documentary series with a special on Vangelis' music and interview) Documentary / Interview
  Vangelis And The Journey To Ithaka (documentary and interview with Vangelis) Documentary / Interview
  NASA video "Earth And Moon Seen By Passing Juno Spacecraft" Composition
  with Luz Casal - Paisajes (on the album "Almas Gemelas") Composition
  with Montserrat Caballe - Habanera  (on the album "Armenia and Artsakh - An Isle of Christianity") Composition (unreleased)
2014 Le Crépuscule Des Ombres (directed by Mohamed Lakhdar-Hamina) Film score
  with Holly Johnson - Europa (on the album "Europa") originally recorded in 1990 Composition
  ESA Rosetta Mission "Arrival", "Philae's Journey" and "Rosetta's Waltz" Film score
  "For Her Majesty Farah" a gift composition for Empress Farah Pahlavi Composition
2016 with GZA - Dark Matter (unreleased) Album
  Rosetta Album
2017 Delectus Boxset
  with Loudovikos Ton Anogeion -  Wind Thief Composition
  NASA video "Fly Into The Great Red Spot Of Jupiter" Composition
  Cousteau Divers Mini 5: Boiling Ocean Film score
2018 Stephen Hawking Tribute Composition
  NASA video "Juno Flyover Of Jupiter’s North Pole In Infrared" Composition
2019 The Thread (a dance performance choreographed by Russell Maliphant) performed in London (UK) on March 15-17 Play
  Nocturne (The Piano Album) Album
  Mary Katrantzou Spring Summer 2020 Fashion Show Composition